Custom Programming

Are you tired of cookie cutter programs that are not specific to you? Are you looking for a strength training plan that is focused on your own unique athletic attributes in order to help you jump higher, hit harder and remain injury free?

Are you looking for a strength training plan to help address nagging injuries while continuing to train safely for improved performance on the court?

Are you looking for DIRECT ACCESS AND COMMUNICATION with Sam as your personal coach in order to help guide you every step of the way?


This is why I created 100% Personalized Strength Training Programs. For athletes who want more! No matter your level of play or experience in the weight room this service is for those looking for increased attention and focus in their strength training journey. 

Using ten years experience as an FIVB Professional I will create a digital product   tailored to your individual needs and goals. I'll work with you to create a customized program that will ensure you get the most out of your training.

With my personalized strength training program, you'll be able to:

  • Improve your vertical jump and arm swing, allowing you to make those impossible digs
  • Increase your endurance and stamina, allowing you to outlast your opponents in gruelling matches
  • Reduce your risk of injury, allowing you to stay on the sand longer
  • Achieve your specific beach volleyball goals

As a professional beach volleyball player, I know the importance of strength training for the sport. It literally changed my career trajectory from someone playing local events to being ranked in the Top 10 in the World. 

Don't let your beach volleyball potential go to waste. Sign up for my personalized strength training program today and take your game to the next level. Leave your information below and I'll be in touch to get started.

The service consists of:

- An initial intake telephone call where we will review all pertinent information to help construct the most appropriate program for the athlete. We will review medical information, injury history, strength training experience, sport specific weekly volume and competition calendar to make sure every part of the program is appropriate for each individual athlete

- 5 week volleyball specific strength and conditioning phases designed to help you meet your athletic and volleyball specific goals. I have left no guesswork when it comes to executing the program. Movement demos ensure the athlete knows what is required for each exercise, sets and reps are outlined, all that is left to do is head to the gym and get to work. 

- Debrief session at the end of each phase in order to determine what worked and where there is room for improvement in subsequent phases. 

- Unlimited communication directly with Sam

- Weekly check ins to help determine progress and if adjustments are necessary. 

Each workout will include:

- Dynamic Mobility: Moving through postures to help promote fluid movement in the gym and on the court.

- Heart Rate Elevation: Intended to increase heart rate prior to initiating more complex movement patterns.

- Activation/Prehab: Specific upper body and lower body exercises key to ensuring health and longevity in volleyball

- Power: Focusing on strength and speed, exercises will be performed with relatively lighter loads as for strength, but with increased velocity. 

-Primary Strength: Primarily focused on lower body, with the primary goal of increasing capacity in the Hip Hinge and Squat Pattern

- Supplementary Movements: A combination of upper body and lower body exercises which will help contribute to further gains in primary strength, power and overall athletic ability. 

- Core: A complete collection of movements designed to help the athlete both resist and produce force 

Imagine yourself jumping higher than ever before, dominating with improved endurance and strength and achieving results you never thought possible. This is what my personalized strength training program can do for you. Don't wait any longer, take the first step to achieving your beach volleyball goals and sign up now.

Not convinced? See what some of my most recent clients had to say about their experience working together!

"Deciding to work with Sam has been one of the best decisions I’ve made around my volleyball career. He combines his throughout volleyball background, deep knowledge about physiotherapy, and expertise in strength training to design high quality programs that truly bring his athletes to the next level.
His attention to detail and custom individual approach sets him apart from the rest, and I’m really grateful to work with him.Since starting with his program 6 months ago, I feel much more stable, agile, and powerful on the court, and the difference his program has made on my play is huge– my vertical has improved by almost 4 inches, and my shoulder never feels overused after a heavy week of hitting. I appreciate that Sam’s program focuses on long-term health and building a strong athlete from the base, which ensures success in the long run. 
As someone who has been in the shoes of a club, university, and professional athlete, Sam knows the ins and outs of developing into a high-level volleyball player and gives great advice on not only strength training, but also general volleyball stuff, whether it be nutrition, technique, or the mental aspect of the game. He is very responsive, supportive, and always checks in with me to see how I’m doing with the program and with my volleyball load that week.
Without hesitation I would recommend Sam’s personalized training program to any volleyball player who not only wants to hit harder and jump higher, but also see consistent, sustainable improvement across all aspects of their game and athleticism."
"Prior to working with Sam, I had been unable to find a comprehensive training program that was tailored to beach volleyball and addressed the nagging knee and shoulder issues I had been struggling with. Coming off the U21 world champs, I was looking to make a change in my training and take my physical game to the next level. I reached out to Sam and he was able to provide everything I was looking for and more. He carefully built out each phase to match my monthly goals, tournament schedule, and practice load. His PT background and certifications aided in designing the phases to help mitigate and decrease my knee and shoulder pain. Above all, he was always one text away with any questions about the program. In the nine months of working with Sam I have increased my vertical, increased upper body strength and power, increased my lateral speed, improved my conditioning, decreased knee and shoulder pain, and continue to improve in all these areas. If you are a volleyball athlete who is serious about getting to the next level physically, training with Sam is the way to go."
Phil C. (u19 Worlds Championship Representative)
"Anyone who considers themselves a high level beach volleyball player can benefit from working with Sam. Many of us balance working hours with offseason fitness goals, and many of us have a fair bit of lifting experience, but maybe aren't experts, or have been working on the same exercises for a relatively extended period of time. Sam brings an extreme amount of fitness programming knowledge as well as a strong physiotherapy background coupled with a strong desire to see his clients succeed.
Sam reviewed my previous lifting experience as well as where I had previously focused, my lifting programs, my previous injuries (ankle ligament repair and lingering ROM issues), and existing aches/pains/shortcomings (shoulder ROM/pain) as well as goals for the upcoming season. Combining lower body strength work, power work, core work, upper body strength work, Rehab/Prehab, and any other areas of focus into not only a concise workout plan, but also at an appropriate dosage can feel impossible (it certainly did for me). Sam brought all of this together for me (typical workouts for me are around 1.5 hours).
Sam also does a great job being extremely accessible as well as constantly evaluating ways for improvement from training block to training block. He also provides great form feedback. For me, he's been a game changer. He's improved my ankle ROM and shoulder ROM/stability, as well as finding areas where I can significantly improve and see meaningful results."
"I have been working with Sam for about a year now.  I am 47 years old and have worked out consistently since I was a teenager.  I have done many different kinds of workouts over the years.  Because of this I started out strong in the gym lifts but had nagging injuries and always felt like I was more tired than I should be in the sand and sorer than I should have been days after I played. The first thing I noticed was how good I started to feel: shoulder stronger, knees pain free, and stamina throughout a match improved. Next my body recomped I became leaner and more muscular.  My overall endurance improved. Now one year later I jump higher hit harder and can handle more volleyball volume than I ever before without nagging overuse injuries popping up. I could not be happier"