75 Minute Personal Game Tape Breakdown

75 Minute Personal Game Tape Breakdown

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Unlock Your Beach Volleyball Potential with a Personalized 75 minute Game Breakdown by Sam Pedlow

Are you ready to take your beach volleyball game to the next level? 

If you answered yes, you're in luck because I can help you do EXACTLY that.

Simply send in a game tape, and over Zoom we will fully breakdown your session based on key areas you have identified for improvement. The service is complete with tips and strategies to help you improve your technique and performance so that you can generate more points and win more games. 

In the past it has been close to impossible to gain access to seasoned professionals that will pinpoint EXACTLY where you are struggling.

But this is no longer the case!

If you are tired of staying the same, practicing for hours, and not improving then, service is for you!

With this personalized breakdown, you'll be able to:

  • Identify and correct common mistakes that you may be unaware of
  • Learn advanced techniques and strategies that the pros use to dominate their competition. 
  • Get personalized feedback and support from a professional player
  • Increase your chances of winning. 

I am a professional beach volleyball player with over a decade of experience competing at the highest level. I can GUARANTEE that I understand the struggles and obstacles that players face on their journey to the top. With my expert analysis, you'll be able to take your game to the next level by implementing feedback immediately.

ORDER NOW and book your personalized game breakdown by Sam Pedlow. Start seeing real results on the court and finally earn your space on the podium!

And if you don't like my feedback. Then my Beach Volley Guarantee has you covered. I will return your investment without any questions asked if the feedback you receive won't help you improve!

See what one of the most recent atheltes had to say!

"Sam gave some incredible insight into improving my game!  His points were very detailed and relevant to my skill level/level of competition!  He was able to easily identify some of my weakness that I was able to correct and made a difference rights way.  I highly recommend Sam!  His knowledge of the game at all levels is amazing!"
Rob V.

**Sam will personally contact you with the email you provided at check out to book a time for the Video Review**

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