“It’s been really difficult this past year to keep a high level of fitness and athleticism. In Ontario, gyms have been open for a week here then closed for 6 weeks there. To have a program that can easily adapt equipment wise, can be done in a small area while getting me into the most balanced and healthy shape of my life helps make Covid more bearable and keep me ready for beach season. My hips and shoulders feel strong at ranges of mobility they never have before. Sam has created a challenging program that understands the volleyball player and compliments the game. I can’t wait to get onto the beach and see how this all elevates my game.”

Joel Hannan


"I turn 40 this year and wanted to up my fitness game. Thanks to Pedlow's 18 Week Dumbbell Program I'm in the best shape I have been in years.  Faster, more powerful, and feeling really strong. The program is easy to follow and has a natural progression from general strength to power/speed. Highly recommended for athletes young and old."

Derek Dedman


I’m absolutely enjoying Sam’s 18 Week Dumbbell and Bands Program. I love how the set up of his program is. It’s incredible because certain days focus on parts of my body I’ve never worked out this hard! I think during this lockdown, this is definitely something that I see improving my volleyball game for my future in volleyball (this beach season & indoor). It’s one of my favourite workout programs I have ever done, and I can’t wait to see the results from it.”

Dana Sloan


“Exciting, hard, motivating and well-structured training! Thanks to the videos guide, the training is easily replicable at home with a little equipment. I feel better and stronger after just 6 weeks, and I’m ready for the second part of the program. Samuel is great and really helpful: replying to my messages, he solved every one of my doubts! Thanks, man!”

Simone Tommasi


I’m recovering from a severe back injury and part of the rehab I’ve been working with Pedlow’s 18 Week Dumbbells + Bands program. I’m in 5/18 weeks and really starting to feel strength and stability building in the hips. The program has helped me to address the imbalances and has enabled me to return to play beach safely after ~5 month break. Big learning point was to understand the level of commitment and work you need to put in. In the past I used to lift 1-2 times per week compared to 3-4 times now even with gyms being closed. Money well spent!

Esa Koponen


“I‘m now in the 4th week of the Dumbbell and Bands program and I have to say it is pretty awesome. The diversity of stability exercises are very important for me to help prevent injuries. I also enjoyed that the exercises challenge all areas. Every training session is a challenge, and I continue to notice improvements. My goal is to continue to play beach volleyball without injury or pain.  I am very happy to have chosen Sam’s program to help avoid this situation. So, thank you for the amazing program and your constant support.”

Raphael Loisl



“Following the 18 week barbell program has been a very good regimental way of achieving a full body intensive workout that focuses on the movements and muscle groups associated with beach volleyball. The program outlines proper transitioning into the different phases along the entire process. The online spreadsheets provide links to all the movements if the user is unfamiliar. The workouts also emphasize a lot on dynamic movements, especially in dedicated warmup segments, and I have already seen a better range of motion from consistently doing this.”

Lucas Sands


“I just finished phase 1 of the barbell program. I've been dealing with injuries for the past 4 months and this program has helped address all of them. I've felt myself get a lot stronger and more stable in the sand after these 6 weeks as well as improved mobility. It's a great sport-specific program for volleyball players and I highly recommend it.”

Nicholas Jackson


“After completing phase 1 of the 18 week program I can say that I feel my body feels prepared going into the Strength and Power phases. I feel balanced and through the General Preparation Phase I was able to become more aware of my imbalances, weaknesses and strengths. On the court I feel more controlled in my explosive movements, whereas prior to the 6 weeks of preparation some positions would feel out of control and reckless. I’m excited to begin the next phase!”

Sam Gibson


“If you are looking for a volleyball workout program that will take you to the next level, look no further. The Sam Pedlow's barbell program is comprehensive, challenging, and holistically designed. Sam's background as a Physical Therapist is clearly shown throughout this program. He places an emphasis on form, injury prevention, and progressive strengthening. I can confidently say Sam's barbell program is top tier.”

Pat Howell


“I’m currently working through phase 3 of the 18 week Barbell & Bands work out. In 2019 I suffered a big knee that kept me out for the entire summer season so injury prevention is very important to me.  Phase one of the program really prepared my body to allow me to get maximum strength and power gains in phases two and three. The program is laid out nicely with descriptive videos to help make sure the exercises are done with proper technique. I’ve seen improved flexibility, strength and explosive power through the program which has translated to great results on the field. I would recommend this program to any athletes trying to get that competitive edge.”

Bryce Hall


“After a year of inconsistent workouts a lack of motivation, I started the 18 week barbell program to get into shape for the upcoming beach season.  I'm currently about 12 weeks in, repeating the general preparation phase twice to ensure that previous injuries are addressed and that movement quality will be optimal before moving for the strength and power phase.  I'm loving the workouts so far.  The prep work and prehab exercises are a huge bonus, and definitely something that was lacking in my previous workout regimes.  Even through the general preparation phase I have noticed big gains in strength, and I'm excited to move into the strength and power phases.  Sam has been awesome in answering any questions and posting instructions whenever clarification is needed on any exercise, and always responds very quickly.  Thanks for the awesome program, and can't wait to update you after the completion!”

Andrew Bridgeman



“I just purchased the 15 weeks program and am currently finished week 1. I can confidently say that the Body Weight and Bands Program is worth it. It is well structured and there are video links for every exercise so I know exactly what to do. I am looking forward to continuing to improve. Right now, I can say that Sam is really interested providing assistance through answering questions as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to the next 14 weeks!”

Felix Wetzold


“After having started Sam's 15 Week Body Weight and Bands program, my body already feels more balanced and healthier.  I also really like how much direction and detail there is to the program. The structure keeps each day's workout interesting without getting confusing. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a volleyball specific program using minimal equipment.”

Oliver Prentice


“I am a professional athlete and student who was required to isolate at home for 14 days. I don’t have a lot of equipment in the house and it was a struggle because I wanted to maintain my fitness and form during this time. I’m super happy to have friends like Sam who created a program for me so I was able to maintain my conditioning while being stuck in the house. Well written and easy to follow, his workouts do not require additional equipment and were the game changer for me. I really enjoyed working out with his training plans and recommend you give them a try!”

Nati Klimenova



“I’ve been working out for about 8 months now, following the programs that Sam put together for me. Each 7 weeks program is designed to match the objectives I have and built in order to keep some energy for the days practicing on the sand. From the beginning of this journey, Sam made sure to understand what my goals were and created a realistic training program adapted to the equipment I had in order to help me reach them. I can easily say that I’m much stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been even tho I was playing volleyball for 10 years. Sometimes you got to push a little harder than others if you want to make the difference on the court. The knowledge that Sam uses building these programs can help you make that difference. The benefit is 100% worth the price if you want to get to the next level. As a beach volleyball player, I’m very proud to be trained by an athlete like Samuel Pedlow and I would 100% recommend his programs and knowledge if you want to step up your physical game.”

Leo Tercier


I have been working with Sam for about a year now.  I am 47 years old and have worked out consistently since I was a teenager.  I have done many different kinds of workouts over the years.  Because of this I started out strong in the gym lifts but had nagging injuries and always felt like I was more tired than I should be in the sand and sorer than I should have been days after I played. The first thing I noticed was how good I started to feel: shoulder stronger, knees pain free, and stamina throughout a match improved. Next my body recomped I became leaner and more muscular.  My overall endurance improved. Now one year later I jump higher hit harder and can handle more volleyball volume than I ever before without nagging overuse injuries popping up. I could not be happier or recommend Sam’s training more highly.  I was working out before Sam’s program, but I am training now, and there is a world of difference in that.

Jason Gundrum


“To say Sam has done an amazing job would be an understatement. He has done everything and more that I've asked him to with regards to helping me reach my goals and constantly improve. If I'm having elbow or shoulder pain, he programs rehab exercises for me. If I tell him I feel slow and want more fast-twitch exercises to jump higher, he does exactly that! In the winter when I wasn't playing volleyball at all, I wanted to do more of a powerlifting style training, to put some weight on. Yet I didn't want to compromise the gains we had made with respect to volleyball training he knew exactly what do. He checks in with me for progress quite frequently and whenever I don't understand how to perform an exercise or I need something modified, he responds timely and efficiently. Its very apparent that he cares to help people and he isn't just here for a paycheck...to me that makes all the difference in the world!  If you're a volleyball player or a fitness enthusiast of any sort and you want some help reaching your fitness goals I highly recommend reaching out to Sam! No matter your gym setup or time constraints he will do everything he can to put you on the correct path to success.”

Ryan Moriarity


“It has been close to 7 months since I started my training with Sam, and to say that Sam is killing it as a PT is a big understatement.  For 7 months he has monitored my progress, form, recovery, and even my mental health.  I feel faster, stronger, more mobile. I move with more confidence than I’d ever had while on a volleyball court. Before I started training with Sam, I was the type to go online to find workouts from youtube, or even make my training programs. These worked, but I never saw the results I needed. I never improved as fast as I wanted to. My mental health was in the gutter, my body positivity was non-existent and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sam changed this, put me on a program that adapted as I grew. When I needed help with my form Sam gave me tips on how I could get the best out of that certain movement. If I missed a day of training Sam told me how to make up for the loss and keep moving. Sam is truly the best decision I have made regarding my training. He put me on the path to greatness and made me realize that the light at the end of the tunnel was a torch I had been carrying all along.”

Jacob Ives


“I’m up in weight in everything again. So much stronger and more balanced. I’m almost in shock how controlled and smooth the work outs are, I feel amazing. My performance In jujitsu and on the court is elite.  I don’t ever hurt anymore; I feel so loose and healthy.  My vertical has gone way up, my balance for defence and running down balls is stable, and I’m explosive as hell. Even when I block, my straight up jump has gone way up.  I can list so much more. Thanks man, great program.”

Nate Lee


“I have been working with Sam for a few months now and absolutely love it! The detail and consideration Sam takes when creating my programs has been beyond anything I expected. I've been struggle with lower back injuries for quite some time. I've seen different physios and trained with different coaches but none of them have really helped me out to the extent that Sam has. He always checks in to see how the workouts are going and if there are any questions or issues I may have. He's always available to chat with and provides me with different variations or exercises depending on my space, equipment available, or physical state. I have definitely seen improvements in not only my physical well-being, but in my volleyball game as well. My lower back issues are definitely much less of a factor when I workout, play volleyball, or even go about my daily life. I couldn't be happier with what Sam has done for me and I can't praise him enough!”

Patryk Andula


“To play like the pros you have to train like the pros. When I reached out to Sam I wasn’t sure what to expect. I played college basketball so figured I could handle anything he threw my way, but talk about NEXT LEVEL! Sam took the time to create a program that was tailored for the explosion and power I was looking for and needed to get back. I’ve never felt better and stronger on and off the sand. Then fast forward to an unrelated injury and he helped me tweak things for a fast recovery around my hectic work schedule. I highly recommend Sam’s programs. In addition to being such a genuine and great person, his attention to your needs matched with his professional background is a recipe for success at any level of fitness or play.”

Taylor Luczak


"It has been a tough year in almost every aspect in life. Sam's workout program helped me a lot to focus on hip stability, thoracic movements and shoulder movements. I have completed Phase 1 (6 weeks) and I started Phase 2 (currently in Week 2) and I couldn't be happier that I chose to go with Sam's workout program! It adapts perfectly to my equipment and helps me reach my individual goals! Sam's constantly checking in and that's a feature you don't want to miss! I mean is there anything better than getting tips from a professional athlete performing at the highest level? I recommend this program everybody, 100%! I never regretted my choice once! Just a perfectly designed program with a hell of a coach!"

Mario Loserth


“Finally, a volleyball specific workout program that everyone has been waiting for! Sam’s program truly demonstrates his deep knowledge and expertise in volleyball, strength/fitness, and athletics. Sam shows a genuine interest in his athletes, that only deserve the utmost respect as a trainer and a professional. He really strives to understand athletes and tailors his programs to give them a special experience. These unique programs allow athletes to progressively reap the benefits of their training and take their game to the next level.”

Bruce Nguyen


“Through 3 rounds of the phase 1 program, I was very impressed with the program and the results. By the end, I lost 25 lbs (11 kg) and 2.2 % body fat. I just turn 40 and I am in one of my best shapes in my life. I would highly recommend it. I enjoyed the custom program both for my goals and with the gym equipment. I found Sam was able to answer all questions/concerns in a very timely matter.”

Gerardo Ramirez