14 Week In-Season Power: Barbell + Bands
14 Week In-Season Power: Barbell + Bands

14 Week In-Season Power: Barbell + Bands

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Are you looking to for an IN SEASON training plan to help you be more EXPLOSIVE? A program that allows you to MAKE PROGRESS OFF THE COURT while IMPROVING your ON COURT PERFORMANCE  during the volleyball season? Look no further than this 14 Week In Season Power Program!

Designed for those:

- With access to a squat rack, barbell, dumbbells, bands and a med ball.

- Athletes who have a strong strength foundation and are looking to develop, maintain or optimize power leading into or during the volleyball season.

- Those who are practicing/ competing but still looking looking to become more explosive and to jump higher without an overload of volume in the gym.

- Those who have completed the 18 Week Dumbbell + Bands or Barbell + Bands and are looking to continue to develop additional power.


This program is broken into two 7 week power phases. This program is designed to maximize your power output during periods of increased practice time without taking away from on court performance.

So, how do the phases of the program work?

Phase 1 - Power 1: As with all power programs the goal is to increase the velocity of key movement patterns. Initially movements that are more physiologically demanding are incorporated as your on court volume ideally has only begun to increase. Using both upper body and lower body movements you will optimize power in both areas.

Phase 2 - Power 2:  As on court volume increases or the you move deeper in the season, movement patterns in Phase 2 become physiologically more efficient. This ensures the program continues to improve your power development, without taking away from your on court performance. 

The program contains 2 workouts per week each finishing with Energy System Development (some form of conditioning). Workouts take approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. 

Don't worry about unfamiliar exercises, hyperlinked movement demonstrations will ensure you always know what is required.

What results can you expect:

- Increased power development in key areas critical for success in both indoor and beach volleyball

- A continued focus on rehabilitative exercise will ensure you remain injury free

- Improvements in vertical jump, landing mechanics and speed 

Maintenance or improvements in cardiovascular capacity so you can remain explosive until the last point

If you are looking to be more explosive while moving into the volleyball season, this program is for you!