15 Week Bodyweight + Bands Program
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15 Week Bodyweight + Bands Program

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Do you have minimal equipment but are still looking for a volleyball-specific training plan? Introducing the 15 Week Bodyweight + Bands  Program.

Designed for those:

- With space restrictions/minimal equipment

- Youth athletes looking to develop competency in Strength and Conditioning

- Return to Strength and Conditioning following injury

- Those looking to master the basics before increasing intensity and volume


Broken into three 5 week phases this program is geared to address unilateral strength and stability limitations, reduce the risk of injury, and get you jumping more efficiently. 

So, what are the particular phases of the program? 

Phase 1 - General Preparatory Phase: The goal for GPP is to focus on injury prevention, creating unilateral stability addressing imbalances, and improving neuromuscular control. 

Phase 2 - Strength: The Goal for Strength is to use the principle of progressive overload to develop capacity in key upper and lower body muscle groups critical for success in volleyball. 

Phase 3 - Power: The Goal for Power is to use the strength developed in Phase 2 and begin to increase the velocity of key movement patterns. Phase 3 is about developing a more explosive athlete. 

The program contains 3 workouts per week with and 2 additional conditioning efforts. Workouts take approximately 1 hour. 

Don't worry about unfamiliar exercises, hyperlinked movement demonstrations will ensure you always know what is required.

What results can you expect:

- Increased stability in key areas critical for success in volleyball and reduced risk of injury as a result. 

- Strength gains in both the upper and lower body so you can jump higher and hit harder

- Improved neuromuscular control and body awareness improving the way you move on the court. 

- Increased cardiovascular capacity so you can play your best without fatigue

If you are looking to train at a high level with minimal equipment at home this is the perfect program for you!

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Felix W.
I can confidently say that the Body Weight and Bands Program is worth it.

I just purchased the 15 weeks program and am currently finished week 1. I can confidently say that the Body Weight and Bands Program is worth it. It is well structured and there are video links for every exercise so I know exactly what to do. I am looking forward to continuing to improve. Right now, I can say that Sam is really interested in providing assistance through answering questions as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to the next 14 weeks!

Nati K.
Well written and easy to follow.

I am a professional athlete and student who was required to isolate at home for 14 days. I don�t have a lot of equipment in the house and it was a struggle because I wanted to maintain my fitness and form during this time. I�m super happy to have friends like Sam who created a program for me so I was able to maintain my conditioning while being stuck in the house. Well written and easy to follow, his workouts do not require additional equipment and were the game changer for me. I really enjoyed working out with his training plans and recommend you give them a try!

Oliver P.
After having started Sam's 15 Week Body Weight and Bands program, my body already feels more balanced and healthier.

After having started Sam's 15 Week Body Weight and Bands program, my body already feels more balanced and healthier. I also really like how much direction and detail there is to the program. The structure keeps each day's workout interesting without getting confusing. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a volleyball specific program using minimal equipment.