Lower Body Capacity: Knee
Lower Body Capacity: Knee
Lower Body Capacity: Knee
Lower Body Capacity: Knee

Lower Body Capacity: Knee

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Are you looking for a rehabilitation focused program to optimize function, gain strength, and improve stability of the lower body? Introducing Lower Body Capacity: Knee

Designed for those:

- Athletes who have struggled with lower body dysfunction that has limited their athletic potential.

- Athletes who suffer from frequent lower body injury and can’t seem to find a solution.

- Athletes who are looking to return to performance or prevent injury/ dysfunction in the future.


Lower Body Capacity: Knee, is a 3 stage rehabilitative system designed to be executed either solo or in conjunction with your current strength and conditioning program.

Each stage involves 3 exercise sessions per week, each consisting of 6 exercises, lasting 5 weeks. Each exercise session will only take 20 minutes to complete only requires bodyweight, bands, and a light weight

Lower Body Capacity is designed with a focus on four pillars:

1: Glute Strength and Pelvic Positioning

2: Hamstring and Quad Strength

3: Lower Body Control

4: Deceleration Capacity

Each stage of Lower Body Capacity: Knee consists of a 5 weeks capacity development rehabilitation plan providing you with the foundation necessary to execute in the weight room and on the court. 

So, how does each stage work?

Knee Stage 1: Primary focus on developing capacity in bilateral movement patterns to help support strength development and control of the lower body.

Knee Stage 2:  A heavier focus on unilateral strength and stability in order to challenge motor programming as capacity is developed in key areas.

Knee Stage 3: Most challenging in both strength and neurological demand, solidifying a reduction in injury potential and a return to performance.

Best practice involves beginning at Stage 1 and progressing through to Stage 3. Each Stage of Lower Body Capacity: Knee  increases in neurological demand, physiological load and exercise complexity.

What results can you expect:

- Improved lower body control and motor programming

- Strength gains at the hip, knee and ankle

- A continued focus on rehabilitative exercise will assist you in return to performance

- The foundation necessary to reduce the likelihood of injury in the future

If you are looking to optimize your lower body in order to return to volleyball, or to remain injury free this three level program is for you!


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