Volleyball Strength Evolution
Volleyball Strength Evolution
Volleyball Strength Evolution
Volleyball Strength Evolution

Volleyball Strength Evolution

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Evolve your game and reach new levels of performance with this expertly designed volleyball strength training program.

Are you tired of losing to the same teams over and over again?

Just as you think you finally have the edge, they still end up coming out on top. And you notice that your opponents just keep getting better and stronger, but you are just plateauing... 

If that's the case, then read on, because I have the perfect solution that will take your game to the next level

If you really want to be better, finally stand on podiums, and be praised by your teammates then you must put in the work both on and work off the court!

While most athletes train their hardest on the court, they often forget the "off the court" part... And as their teammates and opponents get better and start jumping higher, they stay the same...

And whereas, before you could get away from focusing purely on technique, that is no longer the case. Now if you want a chance to reach the top, you MUST prioritize strength training.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of volleyball-focused strength training programs that actually work. 

To improve your strength, you need a structured strength training program specific to the unique demands of volleyball. Far too often I see athletes using cookie-cutter workout plans that have no specificity to volleyball.

These athletes may see improvements for a short period of time but they are leaving strength gains on the table and potentially exposing themselves to injury as a result of gaps in programming. 

This is why I created Volleyball Strength Evolution - THE BEST VOLLEYBALL-SPECIFIC STRENGTH PROGRAM ON THE MARKET.

In this program, I have taken the guesswork out of what it means to train to be the ULTIMATE PLAYER.

I have combined YEARS of my unique knowledge as a ten-year FIVB Professional and Rehabilitation Professional in order to create the Ultimate Volleyball Strength Program.

Already 100+ ATHLETES have become stronger and faster with my coaching and I want to help you do the same! But only if you are genuinely committed to becoming the best player of yourself. 

Designed for those:

This program is designed for ALL TYPES OF VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS. Whether you are starting out or are semi-pro, you WILL become faster, stronger, jump higher and spike harder.

So if you are looking for the most complete training package and want to train like a pro volleyball player, then this program is perfect for you!

What results can you expect:

- What's the worst thing that can happen to a volleyball player? Having to take weeks if not MONTHS off because of an avoidable injury and having to watch your teammates becoming better while you're stuck at home...

By following this strength program, you will increase stability in key areas critical for success in volleyball and reduce your risk of injury.

- You've surely seen volleyball specimens that dominate the court. They are unblockable and unstoppable. The reason for that is that they've dedicated hours towards improving their strength.

This program will take your Strength in both the upper and lower body to the next level so you can jump higher and hit harder and become an unstoppable player yourself. 

- If you consider yourself lanky and uncoordinated, this program will help you improve that!

By following the volleyball-specific exercises, you will Improve neuromuscular control and body awareness to move as smooth as butter on the court. 

- Ever find yourself running out of breath after a couple of rallies? Ever feel like your legs give out before your heart?

This strength program will help you Increase your cardiovascular capacity so you can play your best without fatigue!

But that's not all! These are just some benefits. Because the BONUSES that you will get in this program will make you FORGET about KNEE PAIN and allow you to get into the FLOW state on the regular. 


This program is broken into three  week phases and is designed to optimize your athleticism and improve your physical conditioning

So, what are the particular phases of the program? 

Phase 1 - General Preparatory Phase: The goal for GPP is to focus on injury prevention, creating unilateral stability, addressing imbalances, and improving neuromuscular control. 

Phase 2 - Strength: The Goal for Strength is to use the principle of progressive overload to develop capacity in key upper and lower body muscle groups critical for success in volleyball. 

Phase 3 - Power: The Goal for Power is to use the strength developed in Phase 2 and begin to increase the velocity of key movement patterns. Phase 3 is about developing a more explosive athlete. 

The program contains 3-4 weekly workouts each taking approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning sessions are programmed at the end of workouts where appropriate 

Don't worry about unfamiliar exercises, hyperlinked movement demonstrations will ensure you always know what is required.

Each workout will include:

- Dynamic Mobility: Moving through postures to help promote fluid movement in the gym and on the court.

- Heart Rate Elevation: Intended to increase heart rate prior to initiating more complex movement patterns.

- Activation/Prehab: Specific upper body and lower body exercises are key to ensuring health and longevity in volleyball

- Power: Focusing on strength and speed, exercises will be performed with relatively lighter loads for strength, but with increased velocity. 

-Primary Strength: Primarily focused on the lower body, with the primary goal of increasing capacity in the Hip Hinge and Squat Pattern

- Supplementary Movements: A combination of upper body and lower body exercises which will help contribute to further gains in primary strength, power, and overall athletic ability. 

- Core: A complete collection of movements designed to help the athlete both resist and produce force.

But that's not all...

I have gone above and beyond to create a holistic program to Really take you to the next level. If you buy now, you will get TWO EXCLUSIVE BONUSES not available anywhere else. 


Are your knees suffering and stopping you from moving freely on the court? Do you have to consistently wear a knee brace and hate jumping because of that constant excruciating knee pain? 

Forget Knee Pain: With this knee pre and rehab program, you will slowly start forgetting the constant knee pain that has been bothering you for years. You will finally be able to move, squat, and jump freely without having to worry about your knees exploding...


Do you always feel cold when getting on the court? Do you feel like you can't ever get into the rhythm and struggle to get your muscles ready to perform? 
NEVER BE COLD AGAIN: With this 15-Minute Warm-Up, you will always come to the court more prepared than your opponents. You will feel more confident knowing that your body is primed for performance and get into flow way easier... Not only that! If your body is ready to perform, your mind adapts and helps you enter the FLOW state. When you are fully present, the time stops and you can practically predict what your opponents are going to do!


- VOLLEYBALL STRENGTH EVOLUTION (VALUE $699): A 15-Week Volleyball Tailored program that is GUARANTEED to take your strength to the next level so you can finally bring more medals home. 

- IRON-STRONG KNEES ROUTINE (VALUE $149): Forget about knee pain and finally play without having to hold back...

- 15-MINUTE WARM-UP (VALUE $49): Enter the flow, move more freely and use the EXACT warm-up I've used to become the best!


But obviously, I'm not going to charge you this much even though becoming your best is still worth it.

FOR A LIMITED TIME because the program has been launched recently, I will give you this with all the bonuses for just...


And not only that... If you follow the program for a month and you can genuinely say that you do not feel better on the court, then my GUARANTEE have you covered. I will refund you the entire cost of the program, NO QUESTIONS asked!

So don't wait and be left behind like all previous seasons. Finally, take action and become the very best player you can be so that when the time comes, people will see you as a force on the court and not your opponents!


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Lucas S.

Following the 18 week barbell program has been a very good regimental way of of achieving a full body intensive workout that focuses on the movements and muscle groups associated with beach volleyball.

Following the 18 week barbell program has been a very good regimental way of of achieving a full body intensive workout that focuses on the movements and muscle groups associated with beach volleyball. The program outlines proper transitioning into the different phases along the entire process. The online spreadsheets provide links to all the movements if the user is unfamiliar. The workouts also emphasize a lot on dynamic movements, especially in dedicated warmup segments, and I have already seen a better range of motion from consistently doing this.

Nicholas J.

I've been dealing with injuries for the past 4 months and this program has helped address all of them.

I just finished phase 1 of the barbell program. I've been dealing with injuries for the past 4 months and this program has helped address all of them. I've felt myself get a lot stronger and more stable in the sand after these 6 weeks as well as improved mobility. It's a great sport-specific program for volleyball players and I highly recommend it.

Pat H.

I can confidently say Sam's barbell program is top tier.

If you are looking for a volleyball workout program that will take you to the next level, look no further. The Sam Pedlow's barbell program is comprehensive, challenging, and holistically designed. Sam's background as a Physical Therapist is clearly shown throughout this program. He places an emphasis on form, injury prevention, and progressive strengthening. I can confidently say Sam's barbell program is top tier.

Sam G.

I feel balanced and through the General Preparation Phase I was able to become more aware of my imbalances, weaknesses and strengths.

After completing phase 1 of the 18 week program I can say that I feel my body feels prepared going into the Strength and Power phases. I feel balanced and through the General Preparation Phase I was able to become more aware of my imbalances, weaknesses and strengths. On the court I feel more controlled in my explosive movements, whereas prior to the 6 weeks of preparation some positions would feel out of control and reckless. I�m excited to begin the next phase!

Simone T.

Exciting, hard, motivating and well-structured training!

Exciting, hard, motivating and well-structured training! Thanks to the videos guide, the training is easly replicable at home with a little equipment. I feel better and stronger after just 6 weeks, and I'm ready for the the second part of the program. Samuel is great and really helpful: replying to my messages, he solved every my doubts! Thanks, man!